D 02

Pretoria Metal Pressings (PMP), Division of Denel (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)

12.7x99mm (50 BMG)caliber ball from Pretoria Metal Pressings. 690 grain FMJ-BT, copper jacket, mild steel core projectile with smooth crimp cvannelure, brass case headstamped "D 02 12.7". Brass, percussion, boxer primer, purple primer sealant, 3-stab primer crimp, 234.7 grains of ball powder. Two, 10-round, tan cardboard boxes to an olive drab battle pack. White labels with black printing "10 RD 12.7x99mm Ball 046 D 02" on both. D indicated "Denel" the parent company of PMP, 046 is the lot # and 02 is the production date of 2002. Imported for the US commercial market by Wideners of TN, May of 2008.

Pretoria Metal Pressings
Private Bag X334
Republic of South Africa
PMP Website

From Website:

PMP has been involved in the manufacture of ammunition since 1931. It is a division of Denel (Pty) Ltd, a well-known player on the world defence market.

PMP has established itself as a manufacturer of world class military and commercial ammunition products and components. Its small and medium calibre ammunition ranges conform to the most exacting military standards and specifications, and are manufactured in comprehensive facilities at Pretoria West. The small arms range varies from 5,56 mm to 12,7 mm and the medium calibre range from 20 mm to 35 mm. High quality percussion caps of all types are also produced.

PMP's portfolio also includes the NTW-20 multi-calibre anti-material rifle,renowned for high accuracy and all-climate reliability.

In addition 80 tons of brass are casted daily at PMP's non-ferrous foundry and rolling plant, of which a significant portion is exported as commercial strip and cups for the production of cartridge cases and bullets, and the rest utilised for its own ammunition production.

PMP's range of commercial ammunition for handguns and hunting rifles is renowned for its very high quality, and its PRO-AMM range of hunting ammunition has secured a place in the top echelons of this competitive market.

The company is also a world leader in the production of power cartridges and cutting charges, and its PROBIT rock drill bits have gained market share in the mining industry.

More than 70% of PMP's production is exported to countries all over the world, and the company is thus an important earner of foreign exchange

PMP is the proud holder of a SABS listing for the internationally recognised ISO 9001 quality standard, and it also boasts a NOSCAR rating for safety.

Although State-owned, Denel is registered under the South African Companies Act and operates as a profit-driven company. At the end of 2000, the South African Government announced its intention to sell some shareholding in both its Aerospace and Ordnance Groups to international strategic equity partners.

Denel consists of several predominantly defence-related divisions. It has 10 500 employees and generates about R3,75-billion (approx. US$500-million) in turnover.

PMP, a division in Denel's Ordnance Group, has been involved in the development and production of small and medium calibre ammunition for the past 62 years. Major investments in technology and aquipment have enabled it to successfully enter the international market, supplying complete ammunition products, as well as ammunition components to defence forces and armaments industries in 60 countries around the world.

Today it sells between 20 and 30 million round of commercial ammunition per year to the United States, and is also one of the largest suppliers of hunting ammunition to Europe.

DENEL Website