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Scientifically Defensible Criteria for the Identification of Striated Toolmarks

Instructors: John Murdock & Bruce Moran

2017 cms (1)

Best Practices for Fast and Efficient MATCHPOINT Correlation Reviews

Instructors: Andrew Boyle & Jennifer Tardiff

2017 matchpoint (1)

Courtroom Testimony Made Easy - A Practical Approach

Instructor: Jeff Goudeau

2017 courtroom (1)

Implementation of 3D Technology, Analysis, and Statistics for FA/TM Examinations

Instructors: Alan Zheng, Robert Thompson, Michael Stocker, Ryan Lilien, Brian Renegar, Johannes Soons, Nicholas Petraco & Erich Smith

2017 3d tech (1)

Contemporary Issues in Firearms and Toolmark Identification

Instructors: Ron Nichols & Andy Smith

2017 cont issues (1)

Subclass and Sufficient Agreement

Instructor: Carl Rone

2017 sufficient agreement (1)

Practical Shooting Incident Reconstruction: Techniques for Analyzing, Documenting, and Testifying

Instructors: Jene Rauch & Tim Scanlan

2017 shooting recon (1)

Pixel This! High Speed Videography

Instructor: R.T. Wyant

2017 high speed (1)

The Determination of Bullet Impact Sites by Detection of Common Bullet Metals

Instructor: Mike Haag

2017 bullet metals (1)

Benefits of 3D Analysis on Bullets

Instructors: Micheael Sandford, Krzysztof Audinis & Andrew Boyle

2017 3d bullets (1)

Subclass Characteristics

Instructor: Nancy McCombs

2017 subclass (1)

Forensic Examination of Airsoft Replica Firearms

Instructors: Dan Alessio & Matt Noedel

2017 airsoft (1)

Wound Ballistics

Instructor: Larry Sturdivan

2017 wound (1)

48th Annual Training Seminar Welcome Reception

Sponsored by: Forensic Technology Inc.

2017 welcome (1)