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Forensic Double Casting

Instructor: Paul J. Murphy

2017 double casting (1)

Documentation Methods for Casework (AM)

Instructor: Brian Smelser

2017 doc am (1)

Ammunition for the Firearm Examiner

Instructor: George Kass

2017 ammo (1)

Smith & Wesson M&P Pistol Armorer's Course

Instructor: The Smith & Wesson Academy

2017 m and p (1)

SIG P320 Armorer's Course

Instructor: Tony Caspers

2017 p320 (1)

Glock Pistols Armorer's Course

Instructor: Glock Professional, Inc.

2017 glock (1)

Springfield XD/XDM Armorer's Course

Instructor: Gary Monreal

2017 xd (1)

Terminal Ballistics - Rods, Strings, Lasers and Much Much More

Instructors: Jan Johnson & Jeff Goudeau

2017 terminal (1)

The Reconstruction of Vehicle Shootins

Instructor: Luke Haag

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Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist

Instructors: Dr. Dana Medlin & Frederick Schmidt

2017 meallurgy (1)

Bullet Trajectory Documentation with 3D Technologies

Instructor: Eugene Liscio

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Documentation Methods for Casework (PM)

Instructor: Brian Smelser

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Ammunition Identification and CartWinPro

Instructor: Axel Manthei

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