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Technical Session

2017 appel

Handgun Function and Repair

Instructors: Keith Gipson & Bill Sturtevant

2017 handgun (1)

LEEDS 3D Scanning of Deformed Bullets and Cartridge Cases

Instructors: Rick Steffen & Jake Kurth

2017 leeds (1)

Barrel Making

Instructor: Alan Offringa

2017 barrel (1)

Digital Imaging Boot Camp

Instructor: Adam Hartley

2014 imaging (1)

Hi-Point Firearms Armorer's Course

Instructors: Evan Thompson, Chris Monturo & Brian Smelser

2017 hipoint (1)

Black Powder Firearms

Instructor: Douglas Scott

2017 black powder (1)

Is Murder A'Foot? Crime Scenes - Stages or Simply Altered?

Instructors: Jan Johnson & Jeff Goudeau

2017 crime scene (1)

Springfield Armory M1911A1 Armorer's Course

Instructor: Gary Monreal

2017 1911 (1)

Stump the Gunsmith

Instructors: Keith Gipson & Bill Sturtevant

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Random Pictures of the Day

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