Committee Volunteers Needed

Committee Volunteers Needed
21 Sep, 2015 Justin Alei Announcements

Dear AFTE Membership,

As you all are aware it is the membership that drives this organization.  AFTE is made up of various committees that help provide valuable input, insight, and direction for the organization as a whole.  As such, committees within AFTE are always looking for members to fill new or vacant committee positions or when forming new committees.

If you have ever thought of joining an AFTE committee now might be just the time to do that.  If you are a go-getter, dedicated individual who has time to volunteer to this great organization, then please provide me the following information:

Phone #
If you have a specific interest please indicate

I will compile an ever growing and current list of anyone who is interested to provide to the various committee and committee chairs.

Again, AFTE is as great as it is due to the tireless dedication of its members.  If you are looking to give back and contribute to AFTE in a committee membership role then please contact me.

Andy Smith
Member at Large – AFTE Board of Directors
Contact Andy Smith