Forensic Education Resource Committee (FERC)

Forensic Education Resource Committee (FERC)
24 Aug, 2016 Jay M. Stuart Announcements

FERC is a newer sub-committee which was set in place in an attempt to assist with connecting agencies in need of training with trainers who would like to train and providing financial aid to these courses. We are still in the beginning stages of figuring out all the logistics and financial aid issues. However, we would love to hear from people who need training and who want to train so we have a list of those wanting to take part in this endeavor.

We are looking for people who want training or want to train in the following areas:

GSR, Serial Number Restorations, Shooting Reconstruction, Tool Mark ID/Firearms ID, and any Specialized Topics.

If you are interested in this program, please fill out an application! The applications can be accessed on the main AFTE website under the "Resources" tab, sub section "Training Opportunities".

We'd love to hear from you!!