Research Opportunity Available to AFTE Members

Research Opportunity Available to AFTE Members
27 Jul, 2018 Jay M. Stuart Announcements

The AFTE Research and Development Committee has been informed of an opportunity available to AFTE members.  Productivity Quality, Inc., one of the vendors at the AFTE conference this year, has offered the use of a Sensofar S Neox 3D surface profiler to AFTE members for research purposes.  The confocal microscope would be available at PQI’s Minneapolis, MN office and training on the microscope is included.  If any AFTE members have an idea for research involving 3D surface profiling, this would be a great opportunity to utilize the equipment at no cost.  The system that would be available is the same one that was at the AFTE conference this year and can be viewed at the following link: https://www.sensofar.com/metrology/sneox/#.

Anyone who is interested in taking advantage of this offer can contact Tom Tremmel, Sales Engineer at PQI for additional information.  Mr. Tremmel can be reached by phone at (763) 249-8140 or by email at Tom.Tremmel@pqi.net  

This offer is in no way an endorsement of PQI or their equipment by AFTE or the R&D Committee.  The sole purpose of this email is to notify members of the availability of this opportunity.

The AFTE Research and Development Committee would like to take this opportunity to remind the membership that it is seeking project proposals that will result in the development of, or improvements to, investigative methods or techniques that will enhance the quality of our discipline.   If you have a project or study that fits these guidelines, you can apply for financial assistance through AFTE.

The application process can be viewed here: https://afte.org/resources/research-development.

If you have any questions regarding applying for financial assistance through the Research and Development Committee you can contact Michelle Fletcher by email at mmfletcher@isp.in.gov

Finally, the Research Design Assistance subcommittee has recently been formed.  Please utilize this subcommittee to review your research design and provide suggestions and comments on how to improve the overall design to ensure the study has the most appropriate scientific foundations.  Please contact Omar Felix at felixo@pbso.org to utilize the Research Design Assistance subcommittee.   


Michelle Fletcher
Chair – Research and Development Committee