AFTE Member Research

AFTE is pleased to offer a Research and Development Assistantship. We are soliciting proposals regarding science and technology-related research and development (R&D) within the field of firearm and toolmark identification. We are seeking project proposals that will result in the development of, or improvements to, investigative methods or techniques that will enhance the quality of our discipline.

This is an invitation to the members of AFTE to explore innovative technologies and techniques to help accomplish the goals of our organization. In this endeavor, innovation and creativity counts. Recipient(s) will be given virtually free rein, within the discipline, to experiment with practical approaches that will challenge conventional wisdom, offering alternative means for mitigating recurring issues. We hope that this call for innovative R&D will stretch the limits of your imagination, and that you will define and confront the challenges of our discipline and choose to expand the knowledge and techniques of our science.

R&D assistantship involves completing an application and receiving approval by the AFTE Board of Directors.

AFTE Member R&D Information

Student/Trainee Research

The Association of Firearms and Toolmark Examiners (AFTE) Research and Development (R&D) committee would like to introduce a “NEW” opportunity for trainees (A trainee is defined as a person currently employed by a law enforcement agency and who is working toward completion of an internal (course of studies as described in the AFTE Training Manual) or external (e.g. National Firearms Examiner Academy (NFEA), California Criminalistics Institute (CCI) Firearms and Toolmarks Examiners Academy) training program in the field of firearm and toolmark examination) and college students (upper level undergraduate or graduate level) to submit research proposals for an assistantship. The goal of this assistantship is to encourage and facilitate the growth of student research in the field of firearms and toolmarks. We are looking for proposals that are not only meaningful to the field of firearms and toolmarks, but provide solutions to complex issues within the field of firearms and toolmarks. Those awarded the assistantship will work with a mentor of their choice from AFTE and will be expected to meet certain requirements set forth by the R&D committee.

A list of mentors can be found in the listing of Research Topics if one cannot be found by the Trainee/Student or the R&D committee can be of assistance.

Student/Trainee R&D Information