The AFTE Scholarship Endowment Fund is a financial program whereby investment income from the fund is used to support the AFTE Scholarship Program. Your donation will live in perpetuity with only the interest of the Endowment Fund being used to award annual scholarships.

Donations to the AFTE Scholarship Endowment Fund are categorized according to the following levels:

Brass Level Contributor – Donations up to the amount of $99
Copper Level Contributor –Donations either in a lump sum or cumulatively of $100 - $499
Nickel Level Contributor -Donations either in a lump sum or cumulatively of $500 - $999
Hardened Steel Sponsor -Donations either in a lump sum or cumulatively of $1,000 - $4,999
50 Caliber Patron -Donations either in a lump sum or cumulatively of $5,000 - $9,999
Full Auto Benefactor -Donations either in a lump sum or cumulatively of $10,000 and over

Donations will be recognized annually in the AFTE Journal or the AFTE Newsletter, and on the AFTE website.

Please consider making a donation to the AFTE Scholarship Endowment Fund.  Your donation today is an investment in tomorrow’s forensic science practitioner.


Donations can be made either online or by mailing a check, money order, bank draft or through Zelle (as treasurer.org)

As a financially self-supporting program, any pay service processing fees will be deducted from the total value of the donation.  Should you wish to avoid service fees, a check, money order or Zelle is recommended.

Online Donations

Please click on the PayPal button below to make your donation.  Once you have done that, please fill out the AFTE Scholarship Endowment Fund Donation Form and click "Email Form" to finish the donation process.


Mail-in Donations

Please fill out the AFTE Scholarship Endowment Fund Donation Form, click "Print Form" and mail it, along with your check, money order, or bank draft to the Treasurer at the address listed below:

Ally Anderson Durham PD – Forensics
602 E. Main Street
Durham, NC 27701


Dennis Grey - In Memory of John Sojat and Garry Rathmann

Gregory Klees - In Honor of Dr. James Hamby

Nancy McCombs - In Memory of John Finor

Andy Smith - In Memory of Charles Meyers - 2nd President of AFTE

Justine Kreso

Melissa Oberg

Eric Szwed

Jill Dupré   

William E. Demuth II  - In memory of Donald Gunnell & Robert Smith  

Dan Gunnell  - In memory of Donald Gunnell & Donald Smith                    

Erin Mulligan - In honor of the dedicated instructors of the UIC Forensic Science Program & CA Criminalistics Institute

Apryl Brown

Jeff Goudeau - In Honor of Dr. James Hamby

Eric Warren - In honor of Dr. & Mrs. James Hamby

Wendy Gibson - In Memory of Gene Wolberg

Jamie Becker - In Memory of Jim Warner and Laurie Crutchfield

Dom Denio - In Memory of Walter Howe

Mohammad A. AlShamsi

Dave Brundage

Alaric Koh

Ed Wallace - In Memory of J.P. Menard

Hi-Point Firearms

Kathy Molnar Guenther - In Memory of Steve Molnar Jr.

Omar Felix

Charles Clow - In Honor of Lannie G. Emanuel

Patrick A. Lane - In honor of the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab Firearms Unit

Gary Lind - In memory of Tom Deeb & In honor of the Striupaitis Family

John Cayton - In honor of Dick Janelli

Steve Guerra

Deb Gillis - In memory of Ruger and Gauge Gillis

Ron Nichols

Connie Fulp - In memory of John Mann

Anonymous Donor - In honor of the U.S. Army Crime Laboratory Firearms Examiners

Julie Knapp - In honor of Jim & Pat Hamby

Greg Laskowski

Karen Montgomery, Cyber National Inc. - In memory of Paul Dragan

Barbara Howe - In Memory of Walter J. Howe, First President of AFTE

Peter Striupaitis - In Memory of the Striupaitis Family

Kathy Geil & Glenn Davis - In honor of Edward Robinson

James Hamby -  In memory of Walter Howe and Steve Molnar 
                           In memory of Claude Cook and Monty C. Lutz and in honor of John G. Ward, Sr.

Shirley Deeb - In Memory of Tom Deeb

Robert Walsh

Lucien Haag - In memory of Duncan MacPherson

Anonymous Donor

The AFTE Board of Directors, AFTE Scholarship and Professional Investor Committee members, and countless future scholarship recipients extend our deepest gratitude to all ASEF contributors.