Training Seminar USB AFTE 2021- Miami, FL


AFTE 2021


OSAC Update

Andy Smith, San Francisco Police Department


Armatix iP1 – The Pistol with a Smart Electronic Safety System

Mohammad AlShamsi, Dubai Police


A Closer Look into AK-47 Chamber Marks

Arthur Andrade, Miami-Dade Police Department’s Forensic Services Bureau


Fractured Metal Surfaces

Ashraf F. Bastawros, Iowa State University


OSAC-AFTE Firearm Process Map

Zachary Carr, Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Criminalistics Laboratory

Bridget Chambers, Metro Nashville Police Department


Get the Blood Out

Chris Coleman, Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office


Forensic-Led Intelligence

Yaneisy Delgado, Miami-Dade Police Department’s Forensic Services Bureau


Validation Study of the Accuracy, Repeatability, and Reproducibility of Firearm Comparisons

Erich Smith, FBI Laboratory


Preliminary Study: Subclass Characteristics Manufacturing

Veronica Franklin, West Virginia University


AFTE 2022 Atlanta Update

Dana Gicale, Defense Forensic Science Center


The Effect of Time When Making Fired Bullet and Cartridge Case Identifications to Rusted Firearms

David Glatter, Broward County Sheriff’s Office Crime Lab


Update on the Academy Standards Board Firearms and Toolmarks Consensus Body

Cole Goater, Nebraska State Patrol Crime Laboratory


3D Imaging of Modified Firearms Using X-ray Computed Tomography

Hannah Smith, University of Huddersfield


A Digital 3D imaging and Computer Study of Consecutively Manufactured Beretta 9mm Barrels

Lucien Haag, Forensic Science Services


Firearm Identification Based on Ejector Marks

Lucien Haag, Forensic Science Services


Discussion of AFTE Scholarship Endowment Fund

Dr. James Hamby


Pressure Measurement Systems and Their Applications in Forensic Science

James Hamilton, West Virginia University


An Investigation into the Necessity of Uncertainty of Measurement for Distance Determinations

Joshua Heinz, Utah Bureau of Forensics


In Memoriam

AFTE Sickness and Distress Committee


Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) Update

Erica Lawton, Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences


3D Virtual Comparison Microscopy within the Crime Lab

Dr. Ryan Lilien, Cadre Research Labs


Results of the 2019 3D Virtual Comparison Microscopy Topography Resolution Study (VCMTRS)

Dr. Ryan Lilien, Cadre Research Labs


Ballistics IQ: A New Process for Reducing Firearms Casework

Stephanie C. Luehr, Evidence IQ


.300 Blackout Cartridge

John Mancini, Miami-Dade Police Department’s Forensic Services Bureau


Manufacturing Marks in SIG Sauer Brand Cartridges

Cara McCarthy, Virginia Department of Forensic Science


Two-Pronged Study of Bullets Fired by Consecutively Rifled Barrels

Melissa Nally, Houston Forensic Science Center


3D Correlations in Automated Ballistic Identification Systems Using Evofinder

J. Neal Schrode, Leeds Precision Instruments


Toolmarks Produced by the Glock Pistol: A Review of the Literature and the Introduction of Two Previously Undocumented Toolmarks

Mateo Serfontein, Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office


Reporting Likelihood Ration (LR) for Casework in Firearm Evidence

Dr. John Song, NIST


Assassinations of Public Figures in the United States: Well Publicized and Less Publicized Occurrences 

Pete Striupaitis, PS Forensic Firearms


National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Review of Scientific Foundations for Firearms Examination

Robert M. Thompson, NIST


The Unpublished Research Ad-Hoc Committee

Eric Warren, SEP Forensic Consultants


There’s a Hole in my Barrel!

Jessica Winn, California DOJ BFS Fresno Regional Lab


Reference Population Database of Firearm Toolmarks

Xiaoyu Alan Zheng, NIST


Technical Working Group for 3D Toolmark Technologies (TWG3D2T)

Xiaoyu Alan Zheng, NIST