Training Seminar DVD AFTE 2005 - Indianapolis, IN


Table of Contents

Disc 1

  • Borescope Technology for Forensic Scientists - Dr. Douglas Kindred
  • Further Results of the Forensic Technology Large Database Study and Other Correlation Tests Using the IBIS Technology - Michael McLean
  • The Influence of the Rifling/Crown Intersection on Striae Production - Deborah Chaklos
  • Silencer Testing and Protocol - Eric Freemesser
  • How 'Unique' are Impressed Toolmarks? An Empirical Study of 20 Worn Hammer Faces - Eric Collins

Disc 2

  • Comparing Bullets Fired from Consecutively Manufactured Barrels Using a Comparison Microscope, IBIS, and BulletTRAX 3D - Dr. Danny Roberge, John O'Neil, Evan Thompson
  • A Curious Case - Dr. Jan DeCeuster
  • Fabrication, Measurement, and Acquisitions of Standard Bullets - Dr. Theodore Vorburger
  • Tales from the Bench: The Rookie Year - Charles Clow
  • New Ammunition from Pakistan - Axel Manthei
  • Homemade Firearms from Southern Ontario - Shane Staniek
  • Comparison of 100 Consecutively Fired Bullets and Cartridge Cases from a Hi-Point C9 Pistol - Tsuneo Uchiyama
  • Toolmarks on Unfired Ammunition and It's Effects on Identification - Gerard Petillo

Disc 3

  • Training Challenges Facing Law Enforcement in Modern Laboratories - James Gannalo
  • Validation of Toolmark Individuality Using 3D Images of Toolmarks - Dr. Benjamin Bachrach
  • Plastic Cased Ammunition and 223 AK Type Rifles - Erica Lawton-McWhite
  • Reconstruction of the Barroso Homicide & High Speed Video of Shotgun Pellet Ricochet - James Roberts

Disc 4

  • Non-Destructive Techniques for the Visualization of Gunshot Residue - Brandon Giroux
  • Toolmarks Seventy Years On - Have we Improved? - Kevan Walsh
  • California SB 357 - It's Impact on Law Enforcement - Alan Serven
  • Overview of the Mayhew Tool Company - Bill Fletcher
  • A Smokeless Powder Reference Material Supporting Organic Gunshot Residue and Explosives Analysis - Dr. William MacCrehan
  • The Cotton Tube Recovery System - Nancy McCombs

Disc 5

  • The NFSTC Firearms CD-ROM Initiative - Dr. Katie Savage, David Epstein
  • MoF - Markings on Firearms - A Web-Based Application - Joachim Rahm
  • Forensic Individualization of Images - John Vanderkolk
  • Behavioral and Electrophysiological Evidence for Configural Processing in Fingerprint Experts - Dr. Thomas Busey
  • Footwear Daubert Hearing and Appeal - John Vanderkolk
  • Research Into the Matching of Lead Cores to Bullet Jackets - Part II - Richard Ernest

Disc 6

  • The Case of the Talking Cartridge Case - Luke Haag
  • SWGGUN Update - Thomas "T.L." Price
  • Is This What the Docu Meant? - Dom Denio
  • Deactivation/Reactivation of Firearms - Andre Desmarais
  • National Clearinghouse for Science, Technology, and the Law - Greg Hill
  • Walk In Wednesdays - Doreen Hudson
  • Time Dependent Effects of Dried Human Blood on Fired Bullets for Microscopic Identification - Garry Lawrence

Disc 7

  • Barrel Casting: An Evaluation of Forensic Sil - Chris Coleman
  • Consecutively Made Bolt Cutters - Evan Thompson
  • Effect of Primer Sealants on Characteristic Breechface Marks - Carol Hayes
  • Forensic Test Sessions at the Yuma Proving Ground & Windshield Glass Crack Propagation Resulting from Additional Bullet Passage - James Roberts