Training Seminar DVD AFTE 2012 - Buffalo, NY


Table of Contents

Disc 1

  • AFTE 2013 Update - Jay Stuart, Albuquerque Police Department
  • Consecutively Manufactured 25 Auto F.I.E. Barrels – A Validation Study - Julie Knapp, Miami-Dade Police Department & Angela Garvin, Miami-Dade Police Department
  • What’s New in Ammunition - George Kass, Forensic Ammunition Service, Inc.
  • The Effect of Vibratory Finishing on Broaching Marks as a Function of Time - Jessica Winn, California DOJ BFS Frenso Laboratory
  • External Validation, The Symbiotic Relationship Between Independent Examiners and Examiners Working in Crime Labs - James Gannalo, Stria Consulting Group, Inc
  • Reconsidering the Ballistic Imaging of Crime Bullets in Gun Law Enforcement Operations - Glenn Pierce, Northeastern University, School of Criminology and Justice
  • Glock Slide Research Announcement - Dr. James Hamby, International Forensic Science Laboratory
  • Exploring the Limit of Gunpowder Particle Quantity for Distance Determination - Matthew Noedel, Noedel Scientific
  • An Unusual Toolmark and Fracture Match to a Smokestack from a 19th Century Steam Engine - Gregory E. Laskowski, Kern Regional Crime Laboratory
  • The Challenges of Capturing and Successfully Comparing Bullet Images - Danny Roberge, Forensic Technology, Inc.

Disc 2

  • Measurement Methods for Bullet Trajectory Rods – A Comparative Study - Eugene Liscio, Al2-3D
  • Empirically Determined Frequency of Error in Cartridge Case Examinations Using a Double-Blind Format - Angela Stroman, California DOJ, Redding Regional Crime Laboratory
  • Tavor Weapons’ Design, Manufacture, and Forensic Aspects - Pavel Giverts, Israel Police Department
  • Bone Particles in Bullets: Their Forensic Value and Recognition - Lucien C. Haag, Forensic Science Services
  • Detection of Gunshot Residues After Treatment with Latent Blood and Fingerprint Enhancement Chemicals - Kathy Geil, Washington State Patrol
  • Killed by a Newspaper? - Axel Manthei, Bavarian State Crime Laboratory
  • Marking Reproducibility Analysis on Consecutively Fired Bullets - Tsuneo Uchiyama, (Retired) National Research Institute of Police Science
  • Franken-Hybrid: Characteristics of a Select-Fire Hybrid Firearm/Paintball Marker - Kent Weber, Nebraska State Patrol Crime Lab
  • Proposed “NIST Ballistics Identification System (NBIS)” Based on 3D Topography Measurements on Correlation Cells - John Song, NIST

Disc 3

  • Where are the Bullets? - Lucien C. Haag, Forensic Science Services
  • Forensic Markings Found on the Components of 9mm Luger Cartridges Fired in a 357 Sig Sauer Model P229 Pistol - Kim Downs, Houston Police Department Crime Laboratory
  • Hole in One - Evan Thompson, Arizona Department of Public Safety Northern Regional Crime Laboratory
  • Breechface Subclass Characteristics of the Jimenez JA Nine Pistol - Alicia K. Welch, Kansas Bureau of Investigation
  • NIST Bullet SRM 2460 Replication & Validation Using an Improved Vacuum Casting Method & Potential Evidentiary Use - Alan Zheng, NIST & Robert Thompson, NIST
  • SWGGUN Updates - Mark Keisler, Indiana State Police Department
  • Fighting Cross-Border Crimes by Exchanging “Ballistic Data” – Will it Help? - Ruprecht Nennstiel, Bundeskriminalamt
  • Pipe/Tubing Cutters are Capable of Generating Toolmarks Suitable for Comparison - George G. Krivosta, Suffolk County Crime Laboratory & Wesley D. Krupp, Jr., Suffolk County Crime Laboratory
  • Firing Pin Aperture Study: Estimating Uncertainty of Measurement and Usefulness for Class Characteristics - Erich D. Smith, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Characteristics of Locally Made Firearms in Sri Lanka - P.S. Liyanage, Government Analyst’s Department – Sri Lanka

Disc 4

  • Validation of 3D Confocal Microscopy for Comparative Analyses of 9mm Bullets - Derrick S. McClarin, Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences
  • Subclass Characteristics on CCI Speer Cartridge Case Heads - Nicholas Mattia, Nicholas Mattia & Associates Inc at NYPD Laboratory
  • Hyper Obturation and Recoil Induced Bullet Instability - Aaron Brudenell, Arizona DPA – Tuscon
  • Legislative Update and More! - Jay Henry, Utah Department of Public Safety – Forensic Services
  • Forensic Value of Nails Added to IED’s for Shrapnel - John O’Neil, Independent Consultant
  • Meeting the ASCLD/LAB Policy on Uncertainty Measurement (UM) in the Firearms and Toolmarks Unit - Garry Lawrence, Ontario Centre for Forensic Sciences
  • Insecurity Engineering & Defective Gun Safe Designs - Marc Weber Tobias, Investigative Law Offices/Security Labs
  • Firearms and Tool Marks Documentation in High Definition - Derek B. Headley, Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences
  • 3D Laser Scanning for Bullet Path Reconstruction Helps Convict a Cop Killer - Tony Grissim, Leica Geosystems