Training Seminar DVD AFTE 2014 - Seattle, WA


Table of Contents

Disc 1

  • In Memoriam - AFTE 2014 Keynote Speaker - Jeff Baird, King County Prosecutor's Office
  • The Effects of Frangible Ammunition on the Structure of Striae Created by a Rifled Barrel and the Value of Frangible Ammunition for Examination - Mindy Raines, Scottsdale Police Department
  • The Supreme Court and Forensic Science - Carey Hall, Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
  • A Review of How the Physical Properties of Glass Explain the Shapes of Bullet Holes - Robert Caunt, Vancouver Police Department
  • Gunshot Cases I Have Known and Loved - Dr. Aldo Fusaro, King County Medical Examiner's Office
  • An Examination of Recent Mass Shooting Reconstructions Accomplished by the FBI Laboratory's Firearms/Tool Marks Unit - Erich Smith, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Tool Marks Identification on Sawed-Off Shotgun Plastic Wads - Dr. Danny Roberge, Forensic Technology, Inc.
  • Tissue Simulants: A Dangerous Fallacy - David Andrew, Flinders University
  • Blind Study Comparison of Virtual Marks to Toolmarks - Ryan Spotts, Iowa State University

Disc 2

  • SWGGUN - Updates and Current Projects - Andy Smith, San Francisco Police Department
  • Overview of the NIST Process Towards the Establishment of the Scientific Area Committees - Susan Ballou, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Comparison of EvoFinder to FTI IBIS Heritage - Alex Taflya, Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office
  • A Shot in the Yard: Shooting Reconstruction - Alexander Jason, ANITE Group
  • Mis-Adventures in Metallurgy: Case Examples, Guns & Ammo - Frederick Schmidt, Engineering Systems, Inc. & Dana Medlin, Engineering Systems, Inc.
  • The Glock Marking Barrel - Stephen Deady, New Jersey State Police
  • Subclass Characteristics of Ruger Hammer Forged Barrels - James Hall, Illinois State Police
  • Establishing a Reference Ballistic Tool Mark Database for Research and Development of Identification Systems and Confidence Limits - Xiaoyu Alan Zheng, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Quantitative Comparison of Striated Tool Marks - Martin Biaker, Netherlands Forensic Institute

Disc 3

  • Error Rates and Random Match Probabilities Based on the 10-Barrel Test and the GLOCK Cartridge Cases Test - Jim Hamby, International Forensic Science Laboratory & Training Centre & Nicholas D.K. Petraco, John Jay College
  • The Long .40 S&W Casing - Julie Knapp, Colorado Bureau of Investigation
  • The Gun That Really Won the West - Luke Haag, Forensic Science Services
  • Experimental Studies Into the Behaviour of Gunshot Residue and the Implications for Evidence Interpretation - Michaela Regan, University College London
  • 1260 Smith & Wesson M&P9 Pistols Inter-Compared Using MatchPoint: An Evaluation of the Science of Firearm and Tool Mark Identification - Jay Stuart, Albuquerque Police Department & Mike Haag, Albuquerque Police Department
  • Complying with Measurement Uncertainty Standards for Accreditation in the Firearms Unit - a Canadian Example - Christina Telizyn, Centre of Forensic Sciences
  • Five Common Gripping Tools Defined by the Class Characteristics They Produce - John O'Neil, Independent Consultant
  • East German Makarovs: From Cops to Criminals - Daniel Malheiro, Metropolitan Police Service/New Scotland Yard
  • The Effect of High Velocity and Low Bullet Weight on Land and Groove Measurements - Stuart Jacobson, Idaho State Police Forensic Services
  • Case Report - Verger Killed in Church - Dr. Jan F. Eckert, Bundeskriminalamt

Disc 4

  • Progress Towards a Novel 3D-Topography Imaging and Analysis System for Firearm Identification, TopMatch-GS, and Results of a Large Scale Study - Ryan Lillian, Cadre Research
  • NIST FMC Project Final Report - Establish the "NIST Ballistics Identification System (NBIS)" and the "National Ballistics Evidence Search Engine (NBESE)" - John Song, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Validating an Automated Pre-Screening System by Use of Large Databases - Jan De Ceuster, Naionaal Instituut voor Criminalistiek en Criminologie
  • Stabilized Relative Frequencies of Random Striae and Their Contribution to Firearm Individualization: An Empirical Study Using 625 Beretta model F/FS Semi-automatic Pistols - Srinivasan Rathinam, Los Angeles Police Department
  • The Role of 'Consecutiveness' in Pattern Definition - Srinivasan Rathinam, Los Angeles Police Department
  • Microscopic Comparisons Utilizing 3D Technology - Thomas Matsudaira, Orange County Crime Laboratory
  • An Error Rate Study for Examinations of Fired Cartridge Cases - Dr. David Baldwin, Midwest Forensics Resource Center
  • NIBIN - A Crime Gun Intelligence Perspective - Ron Nichols, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms