Training Seminar DVD AFTE 2017 - Denver


2017 DVD Table of Contents

Disc 1

  • Keeping It “All in the Family” – How a Son and a Piece of Pizza Unmasked the Grim Sleeper Serial Killer - Marguerite Rizzo, Beth Silverman, & Paul Przelomiec
  • An Examination of Consecutively Broached Pistol Barrels - Jordan Green

Disc 2

  • The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case - Lucien Haag
  • Fields of Fire: Indian and Army Tactics at the 1876 Little Bighorn Battle and the Application of Firearm Identification Methods in Revealing the Story - Douglas Scott
  • Evaluation of Potential Subclass Characteristics on Bullets from No Gun Cases - Nancy McCombs
  • Ballistics and Bomb Squads: Archaeology of a Civil War Battlefield - Janene Johnston
  • An Update on the 10 Consecutively Rifled Ruger Barrel Test and the Examination of 1,632 Fired Glock Cartridge Cases - Dr. James Hamby
  • In Memoriam - AFTE Sickness & Distress Committee

Disc 3

  • The Effect of Windshield Curvature on Trajectory Estimates - Michael Kusluski
  • FMJ vs. HP Wound Ballistics Research with Test Shots into Tissue Simulants - Nikolaos E. Tsiatis
  • Initial Estimation of Likelihood Ratio (LR) for Ballistics Identifications Using Congruent Matching Cells (CMC) Method - John Song
  • Tools for Microscope Measurements of Bullets and GRC Search - Pavel Giverts
  • Taser - Bryan Chiles
  • The American Academy of Forensic Sciences Standards Board (ASB) Firearm and Toolmark Consensus Body - Gregory Laskowski
  • OSAC Firearm/Toolmark Subcommittee Update - Andy Smith
  • Towards the Validation of 3D Virtual Microscopy for Cartridge Case Comparison - Ryan Lilien
  • Recovery and Validation of Defaced Serial Numbers Using Infrared Thermal Imaging - Ikwulono D. Unobe
  • Automatic Cartridge Case Comparison and Evaluation - Xiao Hui Tai
  • What’s In It For Me?  The Merger of ANAB and ASCLD/LAB - Laurel Farrel

Disc 4

  • Aurora Theater Shooting - Craig Appel & Matthew Ingui
  • Forensic Led Policing Through Crime Gun Intelligence - Ron Nichols, Jeff Goudeau, Jennifer Tardiff, Jeff Russell
  • The Grandby Incident - Chief Glen Taylor
  • Evaluating Bullet Impacts for Incident Angle Based on Best Fit Ellipse Calculation - Brian Smelser
  • New High-Resolution Optical 3D Surface Metrology Methods for Bullet and Cartridge Case Identification - Cristina Cadevall & Bill Henderson
  • Light It Up and Slow It Down: Applications of High Speed Video for the Firearms Examiner - Rick Wyant
  • Objective Comparison of Toolmark and Bullet Surface Data - Martin Baiker
  • The Keddie Investigation: A 36-Year-Old Cold Case - Kelsey Kyle

Disc 5

  • Implementing 3D Virtual Comparison Microscopy into Forensic Firearm/Toolmark Examinations - Erich D. Smith
  • What’s New in Ammunition and There Are No Standards for Caliber Designations - George Kass
  • 3070 Consecutive Firings from a Chinese Model QSZ92 9mm Pistol: Extractor Marks and EvoFinder Correlations of Breech Face Marks and Firing Pin Impressions - Yeusong Li & Kaifeng Zhang
  • Automatic Matching of Full and Degraded Bullet Lands - Heike Hofmann
  • Troubling Manufacturing Marks – As Seen on SFPD Standard Department Issued 40 S&W caliber 180 Grain Winchester Ranger T-Series Ammunition - Megan Pytlik
  • An Investigation into the Factors that Influence the Ability to Make Toolmark Identifications on Ammunition Discharged from Semi-Automatic Pistols Recovered from Car Fires - Mark Collender
  • Identification of a Suspected Pistol with the Cartridge Case and Bullet from a Murdering Case in China - Tracy Xiaolin
  • The Properties, Performance, and Forensic Implications of Hi-Tek Bullet Coating - Holli Worden
  • Comprehensive Forensic Analysis of 3D-Printed Firearms - Shanley Brezen & Richard Cayer
  • A Framework for Firearm Toolmark Population Statistics - Alan Zheng
  • Results of the latest ENFSI Firearms Identification Proficiency Test (FAID 2015) - Alice Walters
  • Study of Toolmarks Made by Consecutively Manufactured Snap-Off Blades - Shing Min
  • Stress, Critical Incident Stress and Post Traumatic Stress Effects on the Crime Scene Investigator/Firearms Examiner - Katie McMann & Alan Hammond