Training Seminar DVD AFTE 2018 - Charleston


Table of Contents


  • In Memorium - AFTE Sickness & Distress Committee
  • Keynote: Bone Imprints as Evidence in Homicide Investigations - Dr. Douglas W. Owsley
  • AFTE 2019 Announcement - Ryan Kent
  • OSAC Update - Todd Weller
  • Update on Academy Standards Board Firearms and Tool Mark Consensus Body - Greg Laskowski
  • The "Lipstick" Round: An Evaluation of Total Synthetic Jacketed Bullets; A New Lead-free Primer and Their Effects on Firearms Identification - Nathan Von Rentzell
  • What’s New in Ammunition - George Kass
  • Distance Determinations Using Quantofix Nitrite Sheets - Jill Kurzenberger
  • Seventy Year-Old Prototype of Sub-Machine Gun with Unusual Mechanism - Paul Giverts
  • Subclass Characteristics on Fired Bullets - Omar Felix


  • Two Bullets, One Gunshot Wound, The Limited Universe, and Squibs - Michael Haag
  • Recent Advances in Virtual Microscopy - Dr. Ryan Lilien
  • The Influence of Different Acquisition Methods on 3D Surface Measurements of Bullet Striations - Martin Baiker-Sorensen
  • Validation of Automatic Matching of Bullet Striation Marks - Heike Hofmann
  • Firearm and Toolmark Identification - Hypothesis Testing and Validation - Ron Nichols
  • Invitation to Participate in a Forensic Science Study - Stephanie Madon
  • Proof of Fire / Force of Fire Chamber Marks in Semi-Automatics - Jaco M. Swanepoel
  • Bullet Deflection through Soft Tissue Simulants - Erwin Mattijssen
  • Talking Bullets - Luke Haag
  • Evaluation of Tissue Simulants through CT Scanning in Wound Ballistics - Nick Tsiatis
  • The Murder of a Schoolmarm: An Historic Shooting Incident Reconstruction - Alexander Jason


  • A Gun Too Far: A Shooting Incident Reconstruction - Alexander Jason
  • Correlation of the Victim’s Wounds and Impact Sites by Energy Evaluation - Axel Manthai
  • Case Study – The Forensic Analysis of a 3D Printed Firearm - Benjamin Sampson
  • Imada DS2-44 Digital Force Gauge: Trigger Pull Measurements and Associated Uncertainty of Measurement - Cary Alvarez Bacha
  • Determining the Angle of Impact from the Analysis of Bullets Following Perforation of Glass - Roger Jeffreys
  • A Two-Step Approach to Assess Weight of Evidence in Firearm and Toolmark Examinations - Alicia Carriquiry
  • New Bullet and Cartridge Case 3D Measurements Tools - Dr. Cristina Cadevall
  • Suicide or Homicide? That is the Question - Zach Kotas
  • Objective Bullet Identification - Dr. Danny Roberge
  • An Evaluation of Recent Daubert / Frye / PCAST Challenges to Firearm and Tool Mark Identification: An Update - James Hamby
  • A Re-Examination of Open Case Files in China - Zhifei Zhou


  • Audio & Visual Analysis in a German Attempted Murder Case - Dr. Jan Eckert
  • Proposed Congruent Matching Features (CMF) Method for Ballistics Identification with Sub-Class Characteristics - John Song
  • Finite Element Modeling and Analysis of Breech Face and Firing Pin Impressions - James Hamilton
  • The Persistence of Firearm Residues After Being Subjected to Influencing Factors - Angus Newton
  • The Effect of Primer Hardness on IBIS Correlation Scores - Eric Law
  • A Penny for Your Thoughts: Jennings Firearm Strategically Operated with a Penny - Shaun Jaikissoon
  • Fracture Examination Research and Generalization of Examinations - John R. Vanderkolk
  • Objective Comparison of Striated Toolmarks from Ten Consecutively Manufactured Cold Chisels - Robert M. Thompson
  • An Evaluation of Test Materials for Knife Marks on Cartilage - Brian Smelser
  • The SAAMI/ANSI Firearm Drop Test Mat, Process, Protocol and Procurement  - Randy G. Bimson